Senate passes bill that removes the right to revoke citizenship from terrorists

May 6, 2017

CIJ News
May 6, 2017

The Senate passed Bill C-6 on Wednesday (May 3, 2017) after debating for almost a year on changes affecting citizenship, children’s rights and language requirements.

Bill C-6 which proposes changes to the Citizenship Act, removes the right to revoke citizenship from dual nationals who are convicted terrorists; ends the obligation for new citizens 14 -18 and 55 -65 to know either English or French; reduces the number of days someone must spend in Canada before they are eligible for citizenship; minors can apply for citizenship independent of their parents.

For many Canadians the most troubling change is the non revoking of Canadian citizenship even if the individual is convicted of terrorism. If passed in the House of Commons, it would automatically reinstate citizenship for dual nationals such as Zakaria Amara, a member of the Toronto 18 who intended to bomb downtown Toronto. Under the Conservatives’ Bill C-24, he had his citizenship revoked last fall. Responding to criticism from the Conservatives about Bill C-6, Prime Minister Trudeau and cabinet ministers repeated “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian”.

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