Immigration Minister defends reinstatement of Canadian citizenship to convicted terrorists

by Ilana Shneider
CIJ News

March 3, 2017

During a testimony to the Senate social affairs committee, Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen defended Bill C-6 which will, among other things, remove the grounds for revocation of Canadian citizenship from dual nationals convicted for treason or terrorism offences.

The Bill, called “An Act to amend the Citizenship Act” and introduced by the Liberals in 2016, mostly reverses changes made under the previous Conservative government’s Bill C-24, which took effect in 2015.

Bill C-24 gave the federal government authority to revoke Canadian citizenship from dual citizens in cases of conviction for terrorism, treason, or engagement in an armed conflict against Canada, regardless of whether they were born in Canada or not.

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Teaching Assistant Who Led Antisemitic Prayer Fired by Ryerson University

by Aidan Fishman
B’nai Brith Canada
February 28, 2017

Ayman Elkasrawy, a teaching assistant at Ryerson University who called to “purify the al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews” during a sermon, has been dismissed by the university.

In a letter to B’nai Brith Canada, Ryerson President Mohamed Lachemi noted that Elkasrawy was “no longer employed by the university,” and added that “we remain actively engaged in addressing antisemitism in our community.” B’nai Brith had sent a letter demanding that Elkasrawy be fired on Feb. 21.

Elkasrawy, who worked within Ryerson’s Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, delivered his inflammatory supplications at the Masjid Toronto Mosque in June of 2016.

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Montreal mosque facing calls for investigation after imam preaches on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

by Stewart Bell
National Post
February 28, 2017

TORONTO — A Montreal mosque where an imam had prayed for Jews to be killed “one by one” is facing fresh calls for an investigation after more videos surfaced online showing anti-Semitic preaching.

The Middle East Media Research Institute released a video on Tuesday of sermons in which an imam at the Al Andalous Islamic Centre conveyed conspiracy theories about Jews, their history and their origins.

Sheikh Wael Al-Ghitawi is shown in the video clips claiming that Jews were “people who slayed the prophets, shed their blood and cursed the Lord,” reported MEMRI, which translated the Friday sermons.

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Canada: Unvetted asylum seekers headed for Toronto

by Christine Williams
Jihad Watch
February 27, 2017

Since January, thousands of illegals have arrived in Canada at remote border crossings in Manitoba and Quebec, claiming to be seeking asylum from President Donald Trump’s administration.

Canada is not conducting proper screening of this influx of refugees, thereby leaving citizens at risk. Now the question arises: if unvetted refugees victimize Canadians, as we are seeing in Europe, particularly sexual crimes against infidel women, would it be regarded as “Islamophobic” to reveal the identity of the perpetrators?

Mohamed Huque, the executive director of the Islamic Family and Social Services Association in Edmonton, has already called for migrant sex attacks to be covered up. He thinks it’s racist and irrelevant to reveal the nationality of the attacker. Yet obviously, when a large group of people have proven to be using religious mandate to assault women, it is the public’s right to know for their own safety and that of their children.

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Anti-Islamophobia motion passes in Ontario Legislature

by Allison Jones
The Globe and Mail
February 24, 2017

The motion from Nathalie Des Rosiers called on the legislature to “stand against all forms of hatred, hostility, prejudice, racism and intolerance,” rebuke a “growing tide of anti-Muslim rhetoric and sentiments” and condemn all forms of Islamophobia.

It passed as the federal government weighs a similar motion that has sparked controversy in the House of Commons and beyond.

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Canada: Fredericton, NB aiming to become a “sanctuary city”

Jihad Watch
February 24, 2017

Fredericton was also the location where a Muslim migrant was reported to have sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl at her first high school dance. Concern about this is not motivated by some personal animus against Muslims, as advocates for the indiscriminate welcome of refugees have long suggested. The crisis in Europe should be a lesson learned; Canada and the U.S. should not have to go through the same bitter experience. Vetting refugees is a requirement for protecting the public; refugees should be vetted for their willingness to integrate and accept Western societal norms. The mass sexual assault of infidel girls and a Muslim man having a sexual emergency are just a small part of what we have seen from asylum seekers in Europe; how much more of this must free societies accept?

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Quebec Imam prays for the annihilation of the Jews

by Jonathan D. Halevi
CIJ News
February 8, 2017

At the end of his sermons at Al Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal, Quebec Imam Sayed AlGhitawi (سيد الغتاوي) recited supplications to Allah to support the mujahideen (Muslims who engage in jihad) in Palestine and to inflict total destruction on the Jews.

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Toronto Protest: “Celebrate our barbaric cultural practices”, become “enemies” of liberalism

by Jonathan D. Halevi
CIJ News
February 6, 2017

Thousands gathered on Saturday, February 4, 2017 in front of the American Consulate in Toronto to protest the policy of US President Donald Trump. The demonstration was organized by Black Lives Matter – Toronto (BLM TO) – the self proclaimed “coalition of Black Torontonians resisting anti-Black racism, state-sponsored violence and police brutality” – that has launched a nation-wide campaign entitled “National Days of Action Against Islamophobia & Deportations.”

One of the speakers at the rally was Syed Hussan, who represented the organization No One Is Illegal-Toronto and is affiliated with Toronto Community Mobilization Network and Migrant Workers Alliance for Change.

In his speech, Syed Hussan portrayed white supremacy, capitalism and liberalism as the enemy describing Donald Trump and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the two sides of the same coin.

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Canada’s Trudeau welcomes refugees; U.S.-bound passengers turned away

by David Ljunggren and Anna Mehler Paperny
January 29, 2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed those fleeing war and persecution on Saturday even as Canadian airlines said they would turn back U.S.-bound passengers to comply with an immigration ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

In pointed tweets a day after U.S. President Donald Trump put a four-month hold on allowing refugees into the United States and temporarily barred travelers from the seven countries, Trudeau said refugees were welcome in Canada.

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada,” Trudeau said on Twitter.

A second tweet, also timed to coincide with outrage over Trump’s immigration policy, included a 2015 photo of Trudeau welcoming a Syrian refugee at a Canadian airport.

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Pro-jihad imam welcomed in Alberta legislature, recites Qur’an

by Christine Williams
Jihad Watch
December 8, 2016

“The sounds of the Qur’an reverberated off the marble pillars in Alberta’s legislature rotunda Wednesday night as part of Eid al-Adha celebrations.”

Much has been exposed about jihadist messages of conquest openly being spread in mosques, Islamic centres and madrasahs. Even the Toronto Star reported on the alarming study that “Islamic schools, mosques in Canada are filled with extremist literature.”

Yet we keep in denying that a civilizational jihad is happening right under our noses. And now, a jihadist imam delivered his message in front of a smiling audience right in the Alberta legislature in Edmonton in mid-September, as part of Eid al-Adha celebrations.

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‘I love jihad more than everything’: Ismael Habib’s computer focus of Crown’s case

by Kate McKenna
CBC News
December 6, 2016

Information found on the personal computer of Ismael Habib in 2014 paints a portrait of a man looking for a way to leave Canada illegally in the hopes of going to Syria or Iraq.

On Tuesday, an RCMP officer testified Habib, now 29, was searching for information on how to leave the country illegally, and specifically, how to get smuggled out of the country through the port in Montreal’s Point-Aux-Trembles neighbourhood.

Terms like “false passport,” “leaving Canada illegally,” and “ISIS Syria” were searched on Habib’s personal computer between 2013 and 2014, the court heard.

Habib is charged with attempting to leave Canada to commit terrorist acts and giving false information to obtain a passport.

The trial, now in its seventh day, is being heard by Quebec Court Judge Serge Délisle at the Montreal courthouse.

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Trudeau calls on Muslims to join Conservative Party, fight anti-Muslim sentiments

by Jonathan D. Halevi
CIJ News
December 5, 2016

In a roundtable discussion with Syrian refugees, sponsors and Matt Galloway, the host of CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated his belief that Canada is benefiting from welcoming refugees, slammed those who “play on fears” or “highlight differences” and called on Muslim Canadians to join also the Conservative Party to confront anti-Muslim sentiments like those expressed by MP Kellie Leitch.

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Jewish, pro-Israel groups slam McGill U paper for banning Zionist op-eds

November 16, 2016

Jewish and pro-Israel groups slammed a McGill University independent student newspaper for its announcement that it does not publish articles that “promote a Zionist worldview.”

The McGill Daily published a statement last week about its ban in response to an anti-Semitism complaint by members of the Montreal university’s Jewish community.

“[U]pon reviewing this complaint, we found that it largely rested on the conflation of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, which we understand to be distinct from one another,” the McGill Daily statement read. “The Daily maintains an editorial line of not publishing pieces which promote a Zionist worldview, or any other ideology which we consider to be oppressive.”

The statement acknowledged that there were no Jewish members on its editorial board while adding “the broader Daily community contains Jewish voices.”

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The Globe & Mail Makes Up News

by Daniel Pomerantz
Honest Reporting

November 16, 2016

According to The Globe & Mail’s Patrick Martin, “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could hardly conceal his excitement last week on hearing the news that Donald Trump had been elected U.S. president.”

His evidence for this insight into the Prime Minister’s private emotions? Nothing.

Martin’s only meager attempt to support this assertion is a generic statement in which Netanyahu welcomed President-elect Trump, referring to him a “true friend of Israel.”

Just two months earlier, Netanyahu used almost identical language while praising presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her “friendship and support for Israel.” In October, a leaked email seemed to indicate that the Israeli Prime Minister might even have preferred Clinton as president.

So how does Martin know what Netanyahu thinks and feels? Is he able to read the Prime Minister’s mind?

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Canada: Parliament Condemns Free Speech

by Judith Bergman
Gatestone Institute
November 10, 2016

On October 26, Canada’s parliament unanimously passed an anti-Islamophobia motion, which was the result of a petition initiated by Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum. The petition garnered almost 70,000 signatures.

According to the text of the petition,

“Recently an infinitesimally small number of extremist individuals have conducted terrorist activities while claiming to speak for the religion of Islam. Their actions have been used as a pretext for a notable rise of anti-Muslim sentiments in Canada; and these violent individuals do not reflect in any way the values or the teachings of the religion of Islam. In fact, they misrepresent the religion. We categorically reject all their activities. They in no way represent the religion, the beliefs and the desire of Muslims to co-exist in peace with all peoples of the world. We, the undersigned, Citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to join us in recognizing that extremist individuals do not represent the religion of Islam, and in condemning all forms of Islamophobia”.

While a motion will have no legal effect unless it is passed as a bill, the symbolic effect of the Canadian parliament unanimously condemning “all forms of Islamophobia,” without making the slightest attempt at defining what is meant by “Islamophobia,” can only be described, at best, as alarming.

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Canadian parliament passes anti-Islamophobia motion

by Nurbanu Kizil
Daily Sabah

November 3, 2016

The Canadian Parliament has passed an anti-Islamophobia motion on October 26, amid increasing attacks on mosques and Muslim communities in the country and throughout the world. The motion has received almost no attention from Canadian media outlets, to the dismay of the Muslim community living in the country.

According to reports, it took a while for the parliament to adopt the motion, which was brought up after 70,000 Canadian citizens signed an online petition condemning Islamophobia. The petition was launched on June 8, 2016 and was closed for signature on October 6, 2016.

“We, the undersigned, Citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to join us in recognizing that extremist individuals do not represent the religion of Islam, and in condemning all forms of Islamophobia” the petition read.

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New Muslim Chaplain OK’s Child Marriage under Sharia

by Meira Svirsky
Clarion Project

November 2, 2016

Update: It has also become known that Musleh Khan, newly appointed as a Muslim police chaplain in Toronto defended child marriage under an Islamic system. CIJ news reports that while commenting on Mohammed’s relationship with his wife Aisha, whom he asserts was nine years old at the time of their marriage, Khan spoke in favor of such a marriage. 

In a lecture given to the Muslim Students Association at the University of Saskatchewan in 2014, Khan praised Mohammed’s relationship with Aisha as that of a model husband, saying, “Aisha, she was young. So she didn’t really understand what marriage, what it took for a woman to be in a marriage. She didn’t really understand the maturity or the responsibility of being in a marriage.

“So why is that important? Because what this should indicate — that one party, so in this case it’s the husband. The husband’s got to be somebody that’s very tolerant , and he’s got to have wisdom. He’s got to have wisdom and how to speak to a person like this. How to build a relationship with an individual like this.”

In a question and answer session in a mosque in Ontario in 2015, Khan responded to a question asking why it was acceptable to marry a nine-year old by saying that different countries set the age of consent differently, and there is no universally accepted age of consent.

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Are Canada’s Islamists Calling the Shots?

by Thomas Quiggin
Gatestone Institute
October 27, 2016

Samer Majzoub from Quebec has initiated an official Government of Canada petition to the House of Commons. The sponsor of the petition is Liberal Member of Parliament Frank Baylis. The petition calls upon the government to condemn all forms of Islamophobia.

Samer Majzoub self identifies as being part of multiple Islamist (extremist) organization in Quebec, including the (in)famous Al-Rawdaw Mosque and the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC). MAC itself states that they follow the teachings of Hassan Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood. ­­ If there was any doubt, a senior member of MAC, Dr. El-Tantawi Attia, made it clear when he stated: “Here we follow the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is listed as a terrorist group in many countries in the Middle East, while a recent UK government report states that the Muslim Brotherhood

“have a highly ambiguous relationship with violent extremism. Both as an ideology and as a network it has been a rite of passage for some individuals and groups who have gone on to engage in violence and terrorism.”

The Muslim Association of Canada itself has been identified in Canadian Senate testimony as being a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

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Halifax Imam calls for banning alcohol, “takes you towards the path of the devil”

by Jonathan D. Halevi
CIJ News
October 17, 2016

The Centre for Islamic Development and the Ishan Academy in Halifax, Nova Scotia, have submitted to the Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel, Tobacco Division a formal complaint against their next-door liquor store, the Good Robot Brewing Company.

According to the Chronicle Herald, the Islamic institutions demand the immediate cancellation of the Good Robot Brewing Company’s liquor licence for what they call a “frontal attack to our way of life.”

Zia [Ziaullah] Khan, the director of the centre, told CBC: “At one time the noise was so unbearable we couldn’t walk in the hallway. They’ve had marijuana smoking right in our vestibules, right in our doorways so it goes all throughout the premises. We find vomit in front of our doorways — not every morning. We find urine, we find beer bottles smashed.”

Zia Khan believes that alcohol should be banned, because of its harmful effects on health and on society. In a video message he said that consuming alcohol leads to the path of the devil and called the liquor commission “the disease commission.”

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Will ICNA’s book on jihad, slave girls be included in Ontario Islamic Heritage Month?

by Jonathan D. Halevi
CIJ News

October 6, 2016

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and MPP Teresa Armstrong were joined Thursday by Farheen Khan, Director, Fund Development & External at the International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF), and Dr. Iqbal Al-Nadvi the Chairman of the Canadian Council of Imams, in celebrating the establishment of Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario. The Bill was unanimously passed by Ontario legislature on October 06, 2016.

“Over the past few weeks, we have been pushing for Islamic Heritage Month to be officially recognized in Ontario,” said Horwath during a press conference Thursday morning at Queen’s Park. “Establishing October as Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario is an important opportunity to celebrate Islamic culture and to reaffirm that our province’s diversity is something to celebrate. The NDP is proud to stand with the Muslim community in making this happen.”

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