CTV, CBC display Muhammad cartoons protest placards online

March 7, 2017

by Christine Williams
Jihad Watch
March 7, 2017

M-103 is an “anti-Islamophobia” motion that is causing upheaval in Canada, where one hears nary a peep out of any other group, but only from Muslims.

Opponents of M-103 led a March for Freedom at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, outside City Hall. CIJ News reported that the demonstration “achieved one of its goals to allow free speech on matters related any religion, ideology or idea”:

CBC and CTV’s coverage of the protest included videos that for the first time displayed cartoons featuring Mohammad…

Mainstream media reporters, however, continue to slam free-speech protesters for supposedly displaying bigotry against Muslims, but fair coverage will reveal that organizers of these protests are not against Muslims at all, but simply oppose the encroachment of Sharia norms in the West. The foundation of our rights and freedoms is the freedom of speech. Some Western countries already have hate speech laws, but if the freedom to criticize any religion or dogma — even in ways some might find offensive — is removed, the freedom of speech is a dead letter. That is the valid reason to vehemently oppose M-103.

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