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Canadian airport employees ID’d as ISIS supporters: Report

by Candice Malcolm The Toronto Sun March 29, 2017 A troubling new report suggests Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport has been infiltrated by radicalized individuals. According to an investigative journalism report from the public affairs program JE, aired on the Quebec-based French-language station TVA, several employees at the airport were stripped of their security clearance due… Read More »

Canada: Death knell for freedom of speech as House of Commons passes “anti-Islamophobia” motion

by Robert Spencer Jihad Watch March 23, 2017 Imagine if a “right-wing extremist,” say, a white supremacist, had killed three people in London yesterday. Do you think Canada would have today passed a motion condemning a “phobia” of white supremacists? The supporters of the Canadian bill condemning “Islamophobia” insist that it will not restrict the… Read More »

Canada: Bring on the Islamization!

by Judith Bergman Gatestone Institute March 23, 2017 Imams in Canadian mosques have been inciting the killing of “infidels”, primarily Jews, for years. This agitation appears to have had no visible impact on Canadian parliamentarians, evidently too busy with petitions and motions banning alleged “Islamophobia”. In 2009, for example, Toronto-area imam Said Rageah, at the… Read More »

Quebec Imam says Islamic ruling on slave-girls was not abrogated

by Jonathan D. Halevi CIJ News March 14, 2017 Dr. Ewis El Nagar (عويس النجار), the head of the Islamic Edicts Committee (لجنة الفتوى) of Quebec Council of Imams (Conseil des Imams Québec) who also serves as the Imam leader of Dawah (outreach, “call to Islam”) at the Canadian Islamic Centre in Montreal, says that the Islamic ruling on… Read More »

Mayor Calls Criticism Of Muslim Prayers In School ‘Hate Speech’

by David Krayden Daily Caller March 10, 2017 Brampton, Ontario Mayor Linda Jeffrey is dismissing critics who object to Muslim students having Friday prayer sessions in public schools as purveyors of “misinformation and hateful speech.” Jeffrey was responding to critics in a letter she released Thursday as Toronto-area parents in the Peel District School Board… Read More »

Canada’s New Blasphemy Laws

by Khadija Khan Gatestone Institute March 8, 2017 A resolution, M-103, seeking to condemn so-called “Islamophobia,” was introduced a few weeks ago in the peaceful country of Canada by Liberal Party MP Iqra Khalid in the House of Commons, sparking a controversy. A similar motion, labelled M-37, was later tabled in the Ontario provincial legislature… Read More »

CTV, CBC display Muhammad cartoons protest placards online

by Christine Williams Jihad Watch March 7, 2017 M-103 is an “anti-Islamophobia” motion that is causing upheaval in Canada, where one hears nary a peep out of any other group, but only from Muslims. Opponents of M-103 led a March for Freedom at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, outside City Hall. CIJ News reported that the… Read More »

Humor on McGill University campus: ‘Punch a Zionist’

by Vivian Bercovici Jerusalem Post March 7, 2017 On February 6, 2017, Igor Sadikov, an undergraduate student at Montreal’s McGill University, tweeted: “Punch a Zionist today.” Sadikov sat on the Legislative Council and board of directors of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU). He is reportedly a strong supporter of the BDS movement at… Read More »

Trudeau examining ways to silence “hateful criticism” over “anti-Islamophobia” motion M-103

by Christine Williams Jihad Watch March 6, 2017 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now considering unspecified actions to hamper free speech and silence hateful criticism…. According to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) the Liberal government is prepared to “tackle any form of hate or threat” directed at Members of Parliament (MP). Every member of… Read More »