Asylum seekers began streaming in from US upon Trudeau election, long before Trump immigration order

March 6, 2017

by Christine Williams
Jihad Watch
March 6, 2017

Upon Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration that would see a temporary ban on Muslim immigration from the countries that pose the worst threat to American homeland security, Trudeau immediately sent out a tweet to welcome all asylum seekers to Canada. He was met with joy from those who did not stop to consider the Muslim migrant chaos in Europe, as well as the fact that the refugees would not be properly vetted by Canada. News then broke that asylum seekers began streaming into Canada at an alarming rate to escape the Trump order, which was actually not the case. The refugees began their hijra into Canada upon the Trudeau election win.

Statistics provided to The Canadian Press show claim levels generally began rising in Canada before U.S. President Donald Trump took office.

In fact, the increase seems to have begun just as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took power.

That’s because when Trudeau was first elected, illegal refugees and asylum seekers knew all too well whom they could exploit: the liberal mindset would put citizens’ interests beneath theirs. Canada’s doors to unvetted refugees were finally flung wide open, exposing Canadians to what has rocked Europe.

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